The Teaching – Learning approach at KCG is based on the objectives of the ‘Fun with Learn’.

Child education follows the activity approach and aims to provide a supporting play environment for physical, mental, language, social and emotional development of the child. This approach and methodology is based on activities in the following criteria. Teacher’s are focus on below criteria.

Each day is planned so as to reflect a balance of individual and group activities, outdoor and indoor activities, free and structured / guided activities which foster to all aspects of development in a child. On the whole, our aim at KCG is to blossom a child’s personality by using our self sufficient curriculum so as to instill the right quality in the child during the first four formative years of ideal learning.

Teacher's and Children Boundation.

The colorful and friendly environment of KCG gives an opportunity to children to play & run around and enjoy their childhood, which develops the physical abilities of child. Gross and fine motor skills are developed through special activities done by school & teachers. KCG provides an opportunity to its children by activities that relate to the mental process of perception, memory, judgment and reasoning, so that the child can successfully excel in any situations. Special emphasis is laid on skills like development of senses, logical reasoning, problem solving, etc. There are several theoretical approaches to explain how children learn to speak and understand language. Infants are engaged by rhymes, simple word games, and songs etc.. This area of development involves learning to interact with other people, and to understand and control emotions. Children start developing relationships with people around them right from birth, but the process of learning to communicate, to share, and interacting with others is taught here in KCG. Each child has inborn creativity. All we need to do is to give them encouragement and opportunities. Children who have had the opportunity to grow and thrive in an environment that supports curiosity, discovery, and creative expression have more self-confidence.

  • Physical & Motor Development
  • Cognitive Development
  • Language Development
  • Social – Emotional Development
  • Creative Expression Development

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