Relationships are built on communication. KCG believes in long term Relationship with its dear parents. As parents put their full trust on the early educator imparters with their precious babies, the most important role the teacher has to do is to communicate regularly. A teacher provides all details about the child’s performance, likes & dislikes, interests, behavior etc. to the parent during the monthly assessment that is PTM – Parents – Teacher Meeting.

Our talented teacher’s highlight a particular theme on every PTM so as to give the parent’s an idea about the concepts taught in our curriculum.

The monthly assessment of child is maintained in a communication diary called an Almanac. The minutest details like habits, talents, height & weight etc. is maintained on a monthly format by the mother teacher. A parent’s teacher meet is a very effective way to build a trust relationship with each of our KCG parent.

Parents and Teachers Communication Way.

In these changing times, schools and parents are responding to increased expectations, social pressures, and time constraints. That’s why KCG provide a yearly planner to all Parents at the time of registration with student kit. That yearly planner shows everything about school for whole year. KCG describe in details about day celebrations, field trip visit, daily breakfast menu, festival list, holiday list, assessment dates etc into yearly planner. So parents can get an idea for planning the month in advance. Also KCG updates major events on Facebook centre wise.

  • Message on Registered Mobile Number
  • Student Almanac
  • School e-newsletters
  • School website
  • Telephone Conversation
  • Social Media (Facebook, Whatsapp, JustDial)

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