The Kinder Garden with an edge because KCG (Kids Colleague Group):

1) Enables the child to absorb learning skills without pressure.
2) Inculcates a sense of Independence.
3) Creates a hold on richer vocabularies.
4) Enhances basic social skills.
5) Helps child learn etiquette.
6) Builds the base of conversational skills through phonetics.
7) Increases their general knowledge.
8) Improves fine motor& gross motor skills through activities.
9) Helps child to understand a routine and be on its own without parents.
10) Develops communication skills.
11) Sharpens memory and helps the child to be particular about their belongings.
12) Get conscious about personal hygiene.
13) Helps child to develop a good eating habits.
14) Helps them to stand head front in this competitive environment.
Prepare them for a big school.