KCG welcomes toddlers & preschoolers till 6 years of age. Children at this age start developing independence and learn through their senses.

KCG preschool offers short sessions to help ‘ease’ the child out of their homes into a more sociable childcare setting. This involves a learning environment for toddlers where they can play, learn and have fun with other children of a similar age. Our unique concept of play and learn introduces children to the ways of education without parent participation. The curriculum and activities have been designed to help the child build recognition, scribbling, crumbling and physical and mental skills.

Each centre has operated by a Centre Head, who supervises the activity of all staff and whose main priority is the well being of all our children. The centre head would be a link between the parent and teacher. She would provide a insight on all the issues related to the development of each and every child present at the centre. All queries regarding the admission process can be availed from the centre head.

The parents may visit our nearest branch and meet the Centre Heads to fill up an admission form or an E-form.

They may take a visit of the centre and its classes with a prior appointment (After 1:30 P.M.), and understand how little toddlers are nurtured beautifully with love and care.

We have our own limitation of age criteria of child. For more details Centre Head will help you.

The Document which parents have to submitted on the time of Admissions.

  • 3 Passport size Photo of a Child
  • 1 Passport size Photo of Father & Mother
  • 1 Xerox of Birth Certificate

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    A preschool (also nursery school, kindergarten) is an educational establishment offering early childhood education to children between the ages of three and five, prior to the commencement of compulsory education at primary school. A preschool prepares children for big school. The preschool introduces the child to concepts which increases their creativity, concentration, logic & memory.
    Query to this question is available on face to face inquiry at the respective centre’s. It is important to bring the child along.
    No. KCG provides nutritious snacks which are categorically divided into a month wise schedule to children every day.
    A specially designed combined curriculum based on selected attributes of CBSE, IB & Montessori pattern of teaching.

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